Story :

I’m Adjie, an IT graduate who becomes a professional writer. With more than five years of experience, I became a versatile Content Writer proficient in writing, research, and editing diverse content to produce engaging, authoritative, and error-free work. I’m open for a new and better opportunity for career growth that will utilize my existing skills and also further my career development.

  • Graduated - Bachelor
    I graduated from Indonesian Islamic University with a bachelor's degree in informatics in 2014.
  • DailySocial - Junior Content Writer
    In late November 2014, I landed a job at DailySocial as a Junior Content Writer. This is where I started my career.
  • DailySocial - Researcher
    Then, after a year of work, I was entrusted to managing DailySocial research content. Today, it called by DS Research.
  • Telkomsel DigiAds - Content & Copy Writer
    I landed a job at DigiAds in 2017 to manage their email newsletter. But, in the progress, there is a lot of delightful development which lead me to develop their new company profile web, write for the onboarding process on their new service (MyAds) and app (ROLi), and much more story to tell.


Manage content using WordPress

Experience in managing content with WordPress. DigiAds web is managed & created with Wordpres.


Email Direct Marketing

Managing DigiAds email marketing newsletter (Bizinsight) & MyAds newsletter with varied topic.


Reporting news

Two years experience reporting news when working at DailySocial. Reporting new product lunch, interviewing tech company stakeholder.


Creating Copy

Create Copy for DigiAds product to advertise in social media, advertorial article, etc.


Online Research

Managing DS research for 6 month. Publish annual & weekly research.

Micro Copy

Leveraging UX

Create engaging copy for DigiAds web, ROLi Web, and MyAds web. Support the onboarding user process and notification.

Project Management

Managing small project

Handle the development of DigiAds web and initiate the Fintech Research project at DailySocial.


Basic SEO

Research keyword at Google Trend, determine and using it in YOAST pludgin on WordPress.

Skill :